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Chemical Data, Mechanical Properties and Specifications for 420F Stainless Steel


Chemical Range For 420F
Element Minimum Maximum
Carbon 0.15 --
Chromium 12.0 14.0
Iron Balance --
Manganese -- 1.25
Molybdenum -- 0.60
Phosphorus -- 0.06
Silicon -- 1.00
Sulphur 0.15 --


Typical Mechanical Properties for 420F
Form Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation at Break
Annealed Bar 95 ksi 55.1 ksi 22%
CD Bar 110 ksi 100 ksi 14%


AMS 5620 Type 2 (Bar)
ASTM A582 (Bar)
ASTM A484 (Bar)
UNS S42020