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M. Vincent & Associates has been a supplier of specialty metals since 1980. The types of alloys we stock and sell are listed below. You can click on the titles to get alloy data sheets and request a quote on specific metals.

Leaders in Medical Grade Metals


We supply aircraft grades of 2124, 2219, and 7050 aluminum plate. We also supply 7075 in flat bar, rod, sheet and plate.

Cobalt Chrome alloys such as MP35N®, L-605®, and ASTM-F1058 are strong, hard, and corrosion resistant. These qualities, in combination with excellent biocompatibility, make these alloys ideal for long-term joint replacement implants and fracture repair.

We stock and source a wide range of Copper, Brass and Bronze. Please give us a call to submit a quote request.
We stock and source a wide range of Electronic, Glass to Metal Sealing, Shielding and Low Expansion alloys including Allloys 42, 49, and 52, Invar, and Kovar.
Wrought magnesium alloys provide good strength at a light weight.

We stock and ship a wide range of High-Temp Corrosion Resistant Nickel Alloys.

Follow the links below to get a quote or find technical data on those nickel alloys.

Refractory metals include Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium and Tungsten.  Refractory metals have extremely high melting points, strength at high heat, and exceptional corrosion resistance.  We purchase our Tantalum and Tungsten from sources with strict Conflict Free policies.

We specialize in the medical grades of stainless steel. We have a well stocked inventory of 316 LVM (ASTM F138), Carpenter 455 and Carpenter Custom 465 (certified to ASTM F899).

We also keep inventory on a number of other stainless steels for your small quantity needs.

We stock 6AL-4V ELI round bar to ASTM F136 for the medical industry. We also keep an inventory of 6-4 (Grade 5) and commercially pure Grade 2 titanium for industrial and aerospace applications.