Grade 4
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Commercially Pure Grade 4 Titanium displays the highest strength of all the unalloyed grades. It combines excellent corrosion resistance with good formability and weldability. While mill availability is not a problem, distributor availability is limited and should be a consideration in alloy selection.


Chemical Range For Grade 4
Element Minimum Maximum
Nitrogen -- 0.03
Carbon -- 0.08
Hydrogen -- 0.015
Iron -- 0.50
Oxygen -- 0.40
Titanium Balance --


Typical Mechanical Properties for Grade 4
Form Tensile Strength, min Yield Strength, min Elongation in 4D, min
Bar and Wire 80 ksi 70 ksi 15%


ASTM B265-Gr4 (Sheet-Industrial)
ASTM B348-Gr4 (Bar-Industrial)
ASTM F67-Gr4 (Medical)
AMS 4901 (Aerospace Sheet)
AMS-T 9046A CP-1 (Aerospace Sheet)
AMS-T 9047A CP-1 (Aerospace Bar)
MIL-T 9046J CP-1 (Aerospace Sheet)
MIL-T 9047G CP-1 (Aerospace Bar)
UNS R50700