Hastelloy ® C-276 is one of the most corrosion resistance alloys available. It can be formed using hot working and rapid quenching, or cold working with either deep drawing or other aggressive methods.

C-276 is known as a versatile corrosion resistant alloy, and is resistant in sulfuric, hydrochloric, and formic acid environments. It is used in several industries and items, such as:

  • Chemical processing
  • Power generation
  • Ducts
  • Heat exchangers

Vincent Metals handles Hastelloy ® C-276 in rod, plate, sheet/strip, wire, tube, and foil.

Chemical Data, Mechanical Properties and Specifications for Nickel Alloy C-276


Chemical Range
Element Minimum Maximum
Carbon (C) -- 0.02
Chromium (Cr) 14.5 16.5
Cobalt (Co) -- 2.5
Iron (Fe) 4.0 7.0
Manganese (Mn) -- 1.0
Molybdenum (Mo) 15.0 17.0
Nickel (Ni) Balance --
Phosphorus (P) -- 0.03
Silicon (Si) -- 0.08
Sulphur (S) -- 0.03
Tungsten (W) 3.0 4.5
Vanadium (V) -- 0.35


Typical Physical Data
Density 0.321 lb /in 
Melting Point 2500 ºF 
Specific Heat 0.102 (Btu/lb · ºF)
Coefficient of Expansion 6.2 (70-200 ºF , 10-6  in/in · ºF)
Thermal Conductivity 78 (Btu · in/ft2 · h · ºF)
Electrical Resistivity 779 (ohm·circ mil/ft)


Applicable Specifications
Rod ASTM B574
Sheet & Plate ASTM B575
Tube & Pipe ASTM B622, ASTM B626, ASTM B619
Forgings ASTM B564

Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International