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Tungsten is known as one of the toughest elements in nature due to its density and high melting point. Coming from the Swedish language meaning "Heavy Stone", Tungsten was discovered in 1781 and was originally used by the Chinese to make and color porcelain. Today, Tungsten is produced as powder, and then pressed and sintered into near net shapes. Parts are then machinable and have physical properties similar to high grade steel.

Tungsten is 50 percent heavier than lead and twice the weight of steel. Typically, this heavy metal is used to increase strength, hardness, elasticity and tensile strength. Additionally, Tungsten is most often alloyed with Copper, Nickel and Iron for various applications.Some applications that Tungsten is used for include ordinance components, high temperature tooling, radiation shielding, aircraft components, jewelry and brain sensor implants. This small sample of applications shows the versatility and dependability of Tungsten as a metal alloy.

We handle Tungsten in a variety of forms: rod, bar, plate, sheet/strip, wire, and foil.

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