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A characteristic of sheet to form ears when deep drawn or spun.
Deviation from a common center as, for example, the inner and outer walls of a round tube. The difference between the mean wall thickness and minimum or maximum wall thickness at any one cross section. The permissible degree of eccentricity can be expresssed by a plus and minus wall-thickness tolerance.
Electrical conductivity
Electrical conductivity or specific conductivity is a measure of a material's ability to conduct an electric current. When an electrical potential difference is placed across a conductor, its movable charges flow, giving rise to an electric current. The conductivity is defined as the ratio of the current density to the electric field strength.
The percentage increase in distance between two gauge marks that results from stressing the specimen in tension to fracture.
Equivalent Round
The diameter of a circle having a circumference equal to the outside perimeter of other than round tube.
A product formed by pushing material through a die.
Extrusion Ingot
A solid or hollow cylindrical cast form suitable for extruding.
Extrusion Ingot, Drilled
A solid extrusion ingot which has been drilled to make it hollow.
Extrusion Ingot, Reamed
A hollow extrusion ingot which has been machined to remove the original inside surface.
Extrusion Ingot, Scalped
A solid or hollow extrusion ingot which has been machined to remove the original outside surface.
Extrusion Seam
A seam in tube, pipe, or hollow shapes resulting from the pressure bonding at two or more edges in the course of extruding through a spider or porthole die.
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