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Mean Diameter
The average of two measurements of the diameter taken at right angles to each other.
Mean Wall Thickness
The average of two measurements of the wall thickness of a tubular product, taken opposite each other.
Mechanical Properties
Those properties of a material that are associated with elastic and inelastic reaction when force is applied, or that involve the relationship between stress and strain; for example, modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, endurance limit. These properties are often referred to as "physical" properties.
A prefix for the US military's material specifications
Modulus of Elasticity
The ratio of stress to corresponding strain throughout the range where they are proportional.
Modulus of Rigidity
The ratio of the unit shear stress in a torsion test, to the displacement caused by it per unit length in the elastic range. This modulus corresponds to the modulus of elasticity in the tension test.
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