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Off Gauge
Deviation of thickness or diameter of a solid product, or wall thickness of a tubular product, from the standardpr specified dimensional tolerances.
Oil Can
A buckle that can be snapped from one position to another. Also referred to as snap buckle.
Oil Stain
Discoloration produced during thermal treatment due to incomplete oxidation of lubricants on the surface. The color may vary from dark brown to white.
Orange Peel
Surface roughening on formed products resulting from the use of coarse grained material.
Deviation from a circular periphery, usually expressed as the total difference found at any one cross section between the individual maximum and minimum diameters which usually occur at or about 90 degrees to each other. Ovalness is not expressed as plus or minus.
Oxide Discoloration
Discoloration of the metal surface due to oxidation during thermal treatment.
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