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Pack Marks
Small densely distributed abrasions on the surface of sheet or foil resulting from rolling in packs of two or more.
Partial Annealing
Thermal treatment given cold worked metal to reduce the strength to a controlled level.
Passivation is the process of making a material "passive" in relation to another material prior to using the materials together.
Patterned or Embossed Sheet
Sheet on which a pattern has been impressed on one or both sides.
Physical Properties
The properties, other than mechanical properties, that pertain to the physics of a material; for example, density, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion.
Small particles of oxide adhering to the surface of a product.
Pinch Marks
Pressed-in folds generally running parallel to the direction of rolling.
Tube in standardized combinations of outside diameter and wall thickness commonly designated by "Nominal Pipe Sizes" and "ANS Schedule Numbers".
Pipe, Seamless
Pipe produced from hollow extrusion ingot.
Pipe, Structural
Extruded pipe, which may contain an extrusion seam, suitable for application not involving internal pressure.
A sharp depression in the surface.

A mechanical finishing operation for the purpose of producing a gloss or luster on the surface of a product.
A high temperature soaking treatment to provide a desired metallurgical structure. Homogenizing is a form of preheating.
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