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An elongated projection on a shape or forging to provide stiffening.
Ring Condition
A subsurface condition in an extrusion which, when present, generally parallels the section contour. It is the result of liquated surface metal from the ingot becoming incorporated into the metal flowing through the die and may be revealed by caustic etching of a cross section.
A solid product that is long in relation to cross section, which is 3/8" or greater in diameter.
Rod, Alclad
Rod having on its surface a metallurgically bonded aluminum or aluminum alloy coating that is anodic to the core alloy to which it is bonded, thus electrolytically protecting the core against corrosion.
Rod, Cold-Finished
Rod brought to final dimensions by cold working to obtain improved surface finish and dimensional tolerances.
Rod, Cold-Finished Extruded
Rod produced by cold working extruded rod.
Rod, Cold-Finished Rolled
Rod produced by cold working rolled rod.
Rod, Cold-Heading
Rod of a quality suitable for use in the manufacture of cold. headed products such as rivets and bolts.
Rod, Extruded
Rod produced by hot extruding.
Rod, Redraw
Coiled rod of a quality suitable for drawing into wire.
Roll Mark
A raised area formed during rolling by the imprint of a depression in a roll.
Rolled Ring
A cylindrical product of relatively short height circumferentially rolled from a hollow section.
Rolling Slab
A rectangular semifinished product, produced by hot rolling fabricating ingot and suitable for further rolling.
Rub Mark
A minor form of scratching consisting of a large number of very fine scratches or abrasions.
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