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A term usually referring to the dies, mandrels, etc., used in the production of extruded or drawn shapes or tube.
Tooling Plate
A cast or rolled product of rectangular cross-section of thickness 0.250 inch or greater, and with edges either as cast, sheared or sawed, with internal stress levels controlled to achieve maximum stability for machining purposes in tool and jig applications.
Torn Surface
A deep longitudinal rub mark resulting from abrasion by extrusion or drawing tools.
Traffic Marks
Abrasions resulting from relative movement between contacting metal surfaces during transit. These abrasions are usually dark in appearance due to the presence of aluminum and aluminum oxide fines produced by the abrasive action.
Transverse Bow
Curvature across the width of sheet or foil.
A hollow wrought product that is long in relation to its cross section which is symmetrical and is round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, or elliptical, with sharp or rounded corners, and having uniform wall thickness except as affected by corner radii.
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