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Nitronic 60 is an austenitic stainless steel commonly referred to as an “all purpose” metal. Its 4% silicon and 8% manganese content give it impressive wear resistance, and cold working heat treatment make it even stronger. Nitronic 60 is also able to resist temperatures up to 1800 F. This durability is part of what makes it so widely used.

A few of the products Nitronic 60 is used for include:

  • Automotive valves
  • Fastener galling
  • Pins
  • Marine shafts
  • Chain link conveyor belts
  • Aerospace applications

Nitronic 60’s wear resistance and temperature endurance are part of what make it such an “all purpose” material.

Vincent Metals handles Nitronic 60 in rod, plate, sheet/strip, and foil.

Chemical Data, Mechanical Properties and Specifications for Nitronic 60

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