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We've collected and modified the following useful calculators to help people in the metal sales, engineering and machining industries quickly and accurately make the unit conversions common to our business.

Alloy Weight Calculator
Employees in our shipping, accounting and sales departments have this on Speed Dial. Find the weight of any alloy we carry based on dimensions and number of pieces. This tool conveniently gives you separate results per piece and for total lot.
Weight Conversion
Convert pounds to kilograms, US tons to Metric tons. Fast and simple to get multiple readings
Pressure Conversions
For use when you need to convert tensile and yield strengths from megapascals to ksi or psi. Makes reading mill test reports easier.
Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or Kelvin
Length Conversion
Metric to US Customary lengths. Very useful for finding the "next size up" when you need to grind to metric dimensions.
Area Conversions
Convert square inches to square feet and into metric units all at the same time. This calculator is very convenient to find equivalent sheet sizes when planning part layouts.