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We sell 17-4 PH in a wide variety of forms: rod, bar, plate, sheet/strip, and tube.

17-4PH is a very widely used precipitation hardened stainless steel alloy with a toughness especially suited for the aerospace, nuclear energy, and chemical processing industries.

This alloy features good corrosion resistance, hardness, toughness and strength. It is soft and ductile when solution annealed, yet can achieve high properties through precipitation or aging treatment.

These properties make it especially useful for aircraft engines, gears, fittings, fasteners, and valves. 17-4PH is also widely used in nuclear reactor components, paper mill equipment, and oil field parts.

Precipitation hardening stainless steels like 17-4PH offer the advantage of machining in the annealed condition. This decreases tool wear and machining time. After machining you can put your parts through an inexpensive heat treatment to get to the desired tensile strength. Shrinkage does occur, but it is slight and predictable. We almost always recommend machining before heat treatment, but for exceptionally close tolerance work you may need to age the material before machining. We can supply 17-4 in any treated condition you need.

Chemical Data, Mechanical Properties and Specifications for 17-4

Chemical Range
Element Minimum Maximum
Carbon -- 0.07
Chromium 15 17.5
Copper 3.0 5.0
Iron Balance --
Manganese -- 1.0
Nickel 3 5
Niobium -- 0.45
Niobium + Tantalum 0.15 0.45
Phosphorus -- 0.040
Silicon -- 1
Sulphur -- 0.030


Typical Mechanical Properties
Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation at Break
H1025 168 ksi 162 ksi 16.0%
H1075 164 ksi 148 ksi 17.0%
H1150 144 ksi 126 ksi 20.0%


AMS 5643 (Bar)
AMS 2303 (Bar)
ASTM A484 (Bar)
ASTM A564 (Bar)
Project 70™ (Bar)
Custom 630™ (Bar)
AMS 5604 (Sheet & Plate)
ASTM A693 (Sheet & Plate)
UNS S17400

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