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We sell Grade 2 Titanium in rod, sheet, and cut plate.

Commercially Pure Titanium is ideally suited for a large range of medical applications. It is non-magnetic, biocompatible, and has the inherent ability to osseointegrate. These properties make titanium a logical choice for just about any object meant to be left inside the human body.

Among uses for the Commercially Pure Grades in the medical industry are:

  • Bone screws, plates, and other fixation devices
  • Joint replacement components
  • Dental root implants
  • Surgical clips and staples
  • Pacemaker (and other implantables) housings

Grade 2 Titanium is the most commonly used and widely available grade of unalloyed titanium. The grade combines excellent corrosion resistance and weldability with good strength, ductility and formability.

Chemical Range For Grade 2
Element Minimum Maximum
Nitrogen -- 0.03
Carbon -- 0.08
Hydrogen -- 0.015
Iron -- 0.30
Oxygen -- 0.25
Titanium Balance --


Typical Mechanical Properties for Grade 2
Form Tensile Strength, min Yield Strength, min Elongation in 4D, min
Bar and Wire 50 ksi 40 ksi 20%


ASTM B265-Gr2 (Sheet-Industrial)
ASTM B348-Gr2 (Bar-Industrial)
ASTM F67-Gr2 (Medical)
AMS 4902 (Aerospace Sheet)
AMS-T 9046A CP-3 (Aerospace Sheet)
AMS-T 9047A CP-3 (Aerospace Bar)
MIL-T 9046J CP-3 (Aerospace Sheet)
MIL-T 9047G CP-3 (Aerospace Bar)

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